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The May 23, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

The National Show
Jerry Yang, speaking at NCTA Jerry Yang spoke at NCTA about the very different media and communications expectations of today's teenagers. Photo courtesy NCTA
Paul Allen talking about the separation of services from the pipe they are carried on Paul Allen's vision is of a future in which the consumer doesn't care about the pipeline over which services are delivered but does care that their content and applications are available anywhere. Photo courtesy NCTA
CableNET2005 Booth The very popular CableNET2005 Booth, which included over 40 demonstrations of advanced technologies and products.
Demonstration of Vibe Video Mail Brad Herrick showed us the simple user interface in Vibe Video Mail that enables novice users to create video greeting cards (Dave is behind Brad)
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Our "Broadband Condo"
New work area with PC, cable modem, printer, wireless network The work area is now equipped for broadband for both us and our guests. It has a cable modem, new Sny VAIO PC, flat screen display, printer and wireless network.
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.

New Jersey and Telecom
The telecom industry in New Jersey has been shrinking A recent day-long "Summit on Shaping New Jersey's Telecommunications Future" grappled with the problem that although New Jersey is home to many telecom companies, all have been shrinking their number of employees.

Broadband for Mayors
A Wi-Fi connected Webcam helps Milpitas police monitor busy intersections. Municipal broadband can be used for city-focused applications, broadband for the public or both. In Milpitas, the driving force has been public applications such as Webcams that monitor dangerous or congested intersections.
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.