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The July 13, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Cable's Bandwidth Smorgasbord
ARRIS FlexPATH Wideband Cable Modem has four cable modem chips inside ARRIS FlexPATH Wideband Cable Modem uses four cable modem chips to get almost 160 Mbps downstream and upstream. (Courtesy ARRIS)
Narad's 100 Mbps system uses two bands above 860 MHz This diagram shows the position of the frequencies used by Narad Networks to provide an additional 100 Mbps upstream and 100 Mbps downstream on each of the four coaxial cable trunks in a HFC fiber node using a switched Ethernet overlay. (courtesy Narad networks)
Xtend Extended Frequency Amplifier operates between 1 and 3 GHz Xtend Extended Frequency Amplifier is installed in the cable plant adjacent to a trunk amplifier. It creates additional channels above 1 GHz (courtesy Xtend Networks)
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WCA 2005
The advantages of the 700MHz spectrum This slide, presented by Charlie Townsend, CEO of Aloha Partners says "700 MHz Offers the Only Affordable Network Solution in Sparsely Populated Areas". The chart shows the lower network cost per customer at 700 MHz compared with 1900 or 2400 MHz, as well as the difffering coverage range at those frequencies. Aloha Partners is the largest owner of 700MHz spectrum in the U.S.
Airspan's EasyST, their new indoor WiMAX CPE Airspan's new indoor EasyST WiMAX customer premises equipment is self-installable and uses Intel's Pro/Wireless broadband interface.
The panelists from the session which debated city-funded Wi-Fi networks "Should City-Funded Wi-Fi Consumer Networks Be Boosted or Banned?" was as lively a debate as we expected. Dianah Neff, CIO of Philadelphia and Ron Sege, President of Tropos Networks, promoted muni Wi-Fi as a great idea; Dr. Thomas Lenard, VP of the Progress and Freedom Foundation, and Robert Griffen, VP of Verizon, took the other side. Stephen Wellman, Executive Editor of Fierce Markets, moderated.
Dianah Neff, CIO of Philadelphia, talks about their broadband wireless plans. Dianah Neff, CIO of Philadelphia, speaking about the city's broadband wireless plans.
Dave talking with Steven Glapa and Alan Norman of ArrayComm Dave talked with Alan Norman and Steven Glapa about ArrayComm's smart antenna technology and how it complements WiMAX to improve the economics of broadband wireless communication.
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.