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The October 17, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Wireless Video Networking
Ruckus antenna array An antenna array with six directional elements is used in the Ruckus system supplied to PCCW
Ruckus MF2900 wireless gateway The Ruckus MF2900 is an 802.11b/g access point/router that integrates Ruckus BeamFlex and SmartCast technologies.
Photos Courtesy Ruckus Wireless

Hurricanes and Healthcare
Dr. Joe Kvedar Dr. Joe Kvedar, Director of Partners Telemedicine
Johanna Pittman Johanna Pittman, Vice Consul of the British Consulate
Liverpool trial in the UK The Liverpool trial in the UK is a passive monitoring system using non-invasinve sensors
Mobile phones appeared in several presentations Several presentations focused on mobile phones as the user device for home health care
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.

Progress With Our Condo
View of the Gulf from our deck View of the Gulf of Mexico from the penthouse deck of our condo
Low-voltage outlets behind the PC Our plan for low-voltage outlets behind the PC. The A-BUS outlet is red to indicate that it is not Ethernet.
Wall behind the PC desk This is the wall behind the PC desk. The low-voltage cabling to the PC will run just above the white pipes.
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.

Mike on Shishapangma
Mike Teger at 26,300 feet on Shishapangma Mike's group was the first to summit Shishapangma this season and opened the route by fixing the last sections of rope and breaking trail. Even after climbing to the central summit elevation of 8016 meters (~26,300 ft) Mike's sense of humor came out.