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The November 7, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Upcoming Conferences

If IPTV and entertainment are on your radar screen, the coming month will be a good time to immerse yourself in IPTV plus the content, services and home products that will be finding their way into more and more living rooms. One conference starts later this week and two more sound interesting to us.

We are on our way to Telco TV in San Diego and will report on some of what we see there in next month's issue. Please look us up if you're there. ( )

IPTV Asia Forum

If you're interested in IPTV and can be in Hong Kong toward the end of November, put IPTV Asia Forum on your calendar for November 28-29. You'll hear about the current state of the Asian IPTV market as well as business opportunities, technologies and products. ( )

Digital Living Room

Digital Living Room appropriately calls itself the place where Silicon Valley and Hollywood intersect. If you are following the technologies and services that are transforming the living room into a digital hub, set aside December 5-6, 2005 in Foster City for this event. ( )