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The November 7, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

BelAir Networks
Sheila Duncan of BelAir showing an outdoor Wi-Fi wireless mesh node Sheila Duncan, Senior Director of Marketing for BelAir Networks, displays one of the company’s new cable-ready nodes. BelAir announced two new wireless mesh products for cable operators which can be strand- mounted and offer a DOCSIS 2.0 interface.
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.

WiMAX World: Rabbits, Gorillas, and More
Visitors to the Motorola booth Motorola had one of the most prominent booths at WiMAX World, with lots of visitors
High mobility, high speed is the target Berge Ayvazian's chart shows the target that all mobile broadband wireless providers covet--the upper right hand quadrant of the chart, representing high mobility and high speed. (courtesy Yankee Group)
Wavesat Fixed WiMAX mini-PCI card Wavesat Wireless Fixed WiMAX mini-PCI card reference design. The RF section is on the left, and the baseband section on the right.
Wavesat Wi-Fi/WiMAX base station A complete Wi-Fi/WiMAX base station based on the Wavesat Wireless mini-PCI card Fixed WiMAX reference design. It includes two mini-PCI cards--one Wi-Fi and one WiMAX (WiMAX is the larger of the two cards in the picture)..
Rupert Barnes with PicoChip reference design Rupert Barnes of PicoChip showed us their reference design for a Fixed WiMAX base station, upgradable to Mobile WiMAX..
Photos ©2005 System Dynamics Inc.

Netopia Broadband Server Netopia Broadband Server (NBBS) provides a TR-069 platform for broadband service applications. (courtesy Netopia)

Sprint and Cable Ops Make A Big Deal
Sprint Comcast concept ad The press release included several concepts for virtual stores resulting from the joint venture. This represents one concept of a Sprint Comcast store. (Courtesy Sprint Press Kit)