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The December 15, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Editor's Note: Wishing you all a great year in 2006!

It struck us that as we wrap up 2005 and head into 2006, the last decade has been one of enormous change and progress in our industry.

In 1996:

  • Sandy left a company named AT&T which was splitting itself into companies called Lucent, Avaya, Agere and of course, AT&T. Ten years later the company named AT&T is the remnants of AT&T folded into what was then an incumbent local provider called SBC.
  • Dave was working with Motorola on their early cable modems. Standards-based sub-$50 modems seemed like a distant dream.
  • We couldn't even get ISDN at our home, much less broadband.
  • Broadband games and content were talked about at conferences, not daily in the newspapers or at the hairdresser's salon.
  • Newspaper and TV ads ended with 800 toll free numbers, not URLs.
  • Voice over IP was a brand new concept with products from small start-ups used by hobbyists.
  • Home networks were something a few geeks were implementing, not products you could inexpensively buy at retail stores.
  • HDTV was something the consumer electronics industry wanted to promote to give the industry a new boost, not products rapidly becoming mass market.
  • ...and lots more, with your favorites (that we've left out) here.

It's been an exciting ride and at the upcoming 2006 CES we'll see many more things which by 2016 will be commonplace--or perhaps already dated.

Thanks to all of you in the industry for your part in creating this exciting broadband world we live in! Hopefully the coming years will be ones in which we apply these technologies to spreading education to rural areas, improving home care for the elderly and providing social services more effectively to those in need.

We wish that on the world scene we could talk about similar strides in living together in peace and making the world a better, healthier and happier place. Hopefully 2006 will be a year in which we can make progress in that direction.