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The December 15, 2005 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers Comments

WiMAX As A Generic Term

In last month's article on WiMAX World, we observed that companies' were increasingly using "WiMAX" as a generic term for mobile broadband when some used to describe their technologies as "pre-WiMAX." We said we "prefer to assume good intentions and credit them for carelessly dropping the 'pre'. A less kind interpretation is that some are trying to make their product sound like something it is not."

Steve Stroh wrote: "Good wrapup of WiMAX World. I'll vote with the 'less kind interpretation' (- I saw this type of thing repeated a NUMBER of times at WiMAX World.

It was deliberate... so deliberate that presentations were being made about systems and technologies that simply could not be accomplished using WiMAX - only proprietary systems that cannot even be charitably considered to be 'pre-WiMAX' (which is, to me, a system that is built to WiMAX specs but has not yet undergone formal compatibility testing.)"

Fan Mail :-)

Our friend Jim Fitch from Cox Las Vegas wrote: "Really enjoyed this months letter. The whole site is just wonderful. Really helps me keep up."

Another reader said: "I enjoyed reading your article 'Broadband Anywhere: The Extended Broadband Home' dated back in August 2003. I found the list of service success factors in this article particularly accurate."

Thanks for your words of encouragement!