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The January 31, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

CES: The Road To Digital Nirvana
Digital Deck demo at CES Digital Deck had an impressive demo moving video from one device to another
Buffalo TeraStations Buffalo showed several models of the Terastation -- enterprise on the left and consumer on the right.
The Archos AV 500 was a cool video pllayer Elias Orozco of Archos showed us their new AV500 Media Player
Bryan Peevler of Intel explaining Viiv Bryan Peevler of Intel explaining Viiv to Dave at CES
Google's Larry Page speaking at CES Larry Page of Google on stage in a lab coat at CES
Google Maps on a mobile phone Google following the trend to mobility by moving Google Maps to a mobile phone
Robin Williams at CES Robin Williams provided comic relief during Larry Page's speech
Dave talking with Bill McFarland Dave talking with Bill McFarland, CTO of Atheros, about 802.11n.
Corinex home networking products Corinex showed many different home networking products, sold mostly to European service providers
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.