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The March 6, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Media and Broadband In Our Condo
Open walls in our condo The contractor for our condo remodeling opened up the walls so we can see if the plans will work.
Computer desk in our condo The new computer desk in our condo holds a Sony VAIO Media Center PC, flat-screen display, and a color printer
Plasma screen on top of media cabinet The opening ceremony of the 2006 Olympic Games on the 42" plasma screen on top of the media cabinet in the liviing room
Low-voltage outlets behind the computer desk Our plan for low-voltage outlets behind the computer desk. The A-BUS outlet is red to indicate that it is incompatible with Ethernet.
Structured cabling panel Plan for the structured media center panel in our condo
Russound A-KP2 A-BUS keypad module Russound's A-KP2 A-BUS keypad module includes a stereo amplifier, digital volume conrtrol, and an infrared receiver (from Russound website)
Loudspeakers and lighting over the bed Loudspeakers and lighting over the bed in the Master Bedroom
A/V and PC equipment in our condo A/V and PC equipment is in four different rooms in our condo
Harmony 688 Remote A Harmony 688 Remote controls our plasma TV, cable set-top box and DVD/VHS player.
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.

Digital Interconnects and PCs For Television
HDMI cable HDMI cable (courtesy