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April 7, 2006 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers Comments

Digital Interconnects for PCs and TVs

A reader sent helpful comments and suggestions on our VPN problems, including:

  • "VPN over wireless bridge. Doesn't matter how the Netgear boxes are connected to the internet - via cable direct to the modem or via wireless bridge. What does matter is that the Netgear gets an external internet IP address. VPN will not work from router to router if either unit is hidden behind NAT (at least not w/o a lot of work at the edge router)."
  • "NT Domain issues. This will never work exactly right unless you install a WINS or Active Directory server at both sides - or use manual LMHOSTS files. The problem is name resolution for domain browsing."

User Forum

A reader suggested that we add a forum for users to interact and solve practical problems similar to the one we wrote about. We have considered doing so, but feel the effort required to moderate these discussions is more than we're willing to take on at this time.

Report Formats

One reader asked that we "put report on one web page. Annoying to have to bring up separate windows." The reader was receiving our report in the HTML summary version, which points you to a separate page for each article. We replied that our report is published in multiple formats; anyone who wants a single-page HTML version of an issue can click on "View Full Issue" from the Table of Contents page. A single-page plain text version is also available.


We appreciate both your suggestions and compliments. Our biggest smile came from an email that began: "I am a huge fan of your newsletter." Blush.