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The April 7, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Two Approaches to Networked Digital Video
DLNA Participants DLNA Participants -- blue shows DLNA Board of Directors members (Courtesy DLNA)
HANA Board HANA Board of Directors (Courtesy HANA Website)
HANA's two-network model HANA's two-network model shows the Personal Content and Commercial content on separate home networks (Courtesy IEEE CNCC, Jan 06 & Samsung)
DLNA Vision: one network DLNA's Vision shows a single network for consumers to share broadcast, broadband, media and mobile content and services (Courtesy IEEE CNCC, Jan 06 & DLNA)

An Interview With UpdateLogic
UpdateLogic flow diagram The UpdateLogic flow diagram shows the flow of digital TV firmware updates from a TV manufacturer (OEM) to UpdateLogic (formerly called Broadcast Data Corp or BDC). (Courtesy UpdateLogic)