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The May 14, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies Influencing The Broadband Home

People News


Dale Bastian was named VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing and David Appleman was named VP of Sales, Americas at 2Wire, a provider of broadband service platforms for the DSL market . ( )

Jean-Louis Bories has been appointed CEO of Xceive, a TV transceiver chip company. He previously worked for National Semiconductor. ( )

Mike Casullo was named Chief Information Officer at WildBlue Communications. He was previously CIO for On Command Corp. ( )

Michael Class was named as VP, Worldwide Sales at WiMAX semiconductor company Sequans. He was previously with Exar. ( )

Allison Cornia was named VP of Marketing and Communications at Digeo. She was previously at Real Networks and before that at Microsoft. ( )

John Lappington was appointed President of EGT, a digital video processing equipment company. He was previously with Siliquent Technologies. ( )

Miguel Lecuona has been named Senior VP of Marketing of Grande Communications. He was previously with Nextel. ( )

Paul Malmquist has been hired as VP of Sales at Digital Deck. He was previously with Metron North America. ( )

Cathal Phelan was appointed CEO of wireless communications processor company Ubicom. He was previously with Cypress Semiconductor. ( )

Timothy E. "Tim" Thorsteinson was named President of Harris Corporation Broadcast Communications Division. ( )

Company News


Atheros Communications agreed to acquire ZyDAS Technology Corporation, a Taiwan-based fabless IC design company specializing in IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs. ( ) ( )

Mediabolic is acquiring the assets of Digital 5, a provider of software for streaming multimedia content. Financial terms were not disclosed. ( ) ( )

Motorola is acquiring wireless device maker Orthogon Systems for an undisclosed amount. Orthogon specializes in OFDM technology for point-to-point high-speed wireless connections. ( ) ( )

Skype has purchased digital signal processing company Sonorit and its subsidiary Camino Networks for about $27 million in eBay stock. ( )

Yahoo! is acquiring Meedio, a software company that extends the function of PCs into media centers and PVRs. ( ) ( )


Aperto Networks completed a Series E follow-on financing round of $26 million, bringing the company's total capitalization to $120 million. ( )

dotPhoto closed a $3.5 million second-round equity commitment bringing the cumulative investment to $7.5 million. ( )

Imagine Communications, a new digital video technology company, completed a $9.2 million first round of venture funding. ( )

Meru Networks raised a $25 million Series C led by Lehman Brothers Venture Partners. ( )

Veoh Networks has raised $12.5 million in a second round of venture financing. The company is building an "Internet television peercasting network" for publishing and watching videos. Both Michael Eisner and Time Warner have invested. ( )

ViXS Systems, a developer of video processing and networking chipsets, completed its Series E financing round totaling $18 million. ViXS video processors are being integrated into consumer electronic and PC products from companies like Sony and Hitachi. ( )

VMix Media, a provider of video sharing services, has raised $5 million in first round financing. ( )

Widevine, a provider of downloadable content protection, has received a $16 million investment from Cisco, Telus and a group of VCs. The company has over ninety telco, cable, satellite and internet service operator customers. ( ) ( ) ( )

Other News

Alcatel has been selected to launch a WiMAX trial in the Tokyo area in June. The system will operate in the 2.5 GHz frequency band. ( )

Aloha Partners--which claims to be the largest owner of 700 MHz spectrum in the US--has formed a new subsidiary named Hiwire, which is teaming with SES Americom for a satellite-based mobile TV network. The company also appointed Scott Wills as president and COO of the new subsidiary. ( ) ( )

AT&T has announced a content deal with Akimbo Systems to offer on-demand TV programs and movies to AT&T's Homezone customers. Homezone is AT&T's video offering for DSL users, which will provide a set-top for TV programming from Dish Network and Internet-based services from providers like Akimbo. Homezone is based on hardware supplied by 2Wire, including their MediaPortal. [Editor's note: We reported on 2Wire's MediaPortal for video following a site visit--see Integrating the Missing Piece: 2Wire Does Video (BBHR 4/26/2004)]. ( ) ( ) ( )

The Cloud, a wireless LAN hotspot and hotzone provider in the UK, Sweden and Germany, has launched UltraWiFi, an unlimited flat fee pricing scheme that also includes wireless VoIP calls. UltraWiFi will be available starting in July for £11.99 a month with a 12 month subscription, and £11.99 a week on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Cloud will launch this tariff with a number of major partners, as well as offering it directly. They currently support service providers such as BT, O2, Skype, Vonage and Nintendo. ( )

Iliad SA, the French telecom company offering services under the brand Free, launched a new set-top box. It adds high-definition television and unlimited calls over a Wi-Fi-equipped mobile to its previous bundle. Iliad, which previously purchased national 3.5GHz spectrum from Altitude Telecom, plans to offer WiMAX-based services to its 1.6m customer DSL Free customers soon.

Lucent and Telefonica Group announced an agreement for Lucent to assume responsibility for future development and deployment of Telefonica's "Imagenio" IPTV middleware platform and market the platform to the global service provider community. Lucent's service arm will act as prime network integrator in markets including Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic and Spain, where Lucent is establishing IPTV R&D centers for testing and integration. ( ) ( )

picoChip has announced an HSDPA/HSUPA home basestation modem reference design. The home basestation (femtocell) supports cellular calls locally, and uses broadband to carry traffic to the operator’s core network. Since it is a standard 3G basestation, it operates with all existing 3G handsets rather than requiring upgrades to dual-mode 3G/Wi-Fi devices. It is designed to allow cellular operators to counter competitive offers such as those based on UMA and VoWiFi. ( )

Skype announced it has more than 100 million registered users worldwide. ( )

TeleCIS Wireless introduced their TCW 1620 WiMAX SoC chip which will be the foundation for both low-cost, indoor “self-installed” customer premises equipment (CPE) for fixed WiMAX services as well as for "portable” services. ( )

ViXS Systems announced that NVIDIA has selected ViXS' XCode II video processor for its DualTV Media Center Edition tuner card; the card provides a media center PC with advanced capabilities such as PVR with dual channel capabilities, very fast transfer of movies to a DVD, and high quality encoding at low bit rates. ViXS also announced its newest video processors, which support high definition transcoding capabilities; Hitachi is using these to create HDTVs with an integrated hard disk drive. ( ) ( ) ( )

WildBlue Communications has signed a non-exclusive agreement with AT&T to sell WildBlue's broadband Internet access service beginning later this month. The branding will be "AT&T High Speed Internet Access, powered by WildBlue." WildBlue will provide equipment management, installation and distribution services to AT&T for its satellite service customers. ( ) ( )

Standards, Alliances and Trade Associations

The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) announced the addition of STMicroelectronics and Conexant Systems to the list of silicon vendors supporting MoCA. ( ) ( ) ( )