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The June 19, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

"No New Wires" Media Networking
HomePlug Certified The new HomePlug Certified logo (left) supports multiple forms of HomePlug including AV (from HomePlug website)
Andy Melder Andy Melder is Senior Vice President - Strategic Business Development at Intellon (from Intellon website)
EWC logo The Enhanced Wireless Consortium says it is working to accelerate the 802.11n standard (from EWC website)
MoCA logo Multimedia over Coax Alliance logo (from MoCA website)

DigitalDeck In Our House
DigitalDeck in our kitchen DigitalDeck Media Center in our kitchen -- the Media Center is the black box to the right of the television, on top of the cable box
Back panel of Media Connector Back panel of Media Connector, showing connections to Ethernet network, input from cable or satellite box, output to television set, and IR controls (from DigitalDeck website)
DigitalDeck remote control DigitalDeck remote control
Setup screen The setup screen for the Kitchen Media Connector, with a Sharp TV and a Scientific-Atlanta cable box
Channel Guide DigitalDeck Channel Guide
Selecting a program to record The screen shows we have selected to record "Weekend Weather Center" on TWC (The Weather Channel)
Selecting the Video Guide Selecting the Video Guide on the main menu
Selecting a previously recorded program Selecting a previously-recorded program from the Video Guide menu
Fast Forward Fast Forwarding during a previously-recorded program
Selecting the TiVo PVR Selecting the TiVo PVR in the Master Bedroom
Entering Manual Control Mode Entering Manual Control Mode for PVR
"TiVo Central" screen "TiVo Central" screen on the TV in our kitchen
Navigating on the TiVo Central screen Navigating on the TiVo Central screen -- we just pushed the "Down" button on the DigitalDeck remote
Leaving manual control mode You press the mode button once or twice to leave manual control mode and go back to normal mode
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.