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The July 26, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies Influencing The Broadband Home

People News

Simon Beresford-Wylie has been named as the CEO of the new Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture, and Mika Vehviläinen will serve as its COO. Karl-Christoph Caselitz will serve as the JV’s chief market operations officer and will manage the Services business unit. ( ) ( )

David Messina has been appointed VP of Marketing and Product Management at Jungo. He was previously with CoSine Communications. ( )

John Roese has been selected as CTO for Nortel Networks Ltd. He was previously with Broadcom. ( )

Alice Weng was appointed Regional Sales Executive for Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam at Cambridge Broadband. She was previously with Comtrend in Taiwan. ( )

Company News


Advanced Micro Devices is buying graphics chipset provider ATI Technologies for $5.4 billion in cash and stock. ( ) ( )

Comcast Interactive has acquired digital media publishing company thePlatform for an undisclosed amount, estimated to exceed $80 million. ( ) ( )

Marvell Technology Group is purchasing Intel's communications and applications processor business for $600 million. ( ) ( )

Motorola is buying Clearwire's NextNet Wireless subsidiary for an undisclosed amount. The purchase happens in the context of Motorola and Intel's recent investment in Clearwire. ( ) ( )

Motorola has also announced that it will acquire privately-held Broadbus Technologies, a provider of technology solutions for Television On-Demand. ( ) ( )


Akimbo Systems, an on-demand video software company, has raised a $15.5 million Series C round of funding, including investments from Cisco and AT&T. ( )

BridgeCo, a creator of digital media player platforms, raised $23 million in Series D funding. ( )

CinemaNow, an on-demand online movie provider, received $20.3 million in a fifth round of funding. ( )

Clearwire, a broadband wireless service provider, has received $900 million in funding, with $600 million from Intel Capital and the balance from Motorola and Motorola Ventures. ( )

InSilica, a supplier of high-value high-volume ASIC and standard system-on-chip solutions, announced closure of $18 million in new financing, including an investment from Intel Capital. ( )

MobiTV, a provider of TV and digital radio services for wireless broadband devices, raised $70 million in Series C financing. ( )

Navini, a provider of portable broadband wireless network solutions, secured an additional $17.5 million in funding from current investors including Intel Capital. ( )

Nomad Holdings, a U.K. company that provides networks for wireless broadband connectivity on trains, raised a Series A round of £8 million. ( )

PulseWave RF, a fabless semiconductor company providing modules for the wireless infrastructure market, has raised a $30 million Series C round of funding. ( )

RGB Networks Inc., a supplier of advanced video processing products, has closed a $20 million Series C round of financing. ( )

SkyPilot Networks a provider of broadband wireless mesh networks, closed a $21 million Series B round of funding. ( )

Other News

BSkyB launched its broadband service and unveiled plans to invest £400 million over three years to develop it. The service will offer several packages, including "Base" (2 Mb/s with 2Gb monthly usage free to all Sky TV customers after a one-time £40 activation fee and £50 installation fee); "Mid" (£5/month for 8 Mb/s downloads and 40 Gb usage); and "Max" (£10/month, up to 16 Mb/s, unlimited downloads and free installation). All include a Netgear wireless router and a one year free subscription to McAfee Internet Security. ( )

Gotoit Media, whose technology specialty is video search, has introduced its own Web site to provide online videos in categories such as music, news, sports and entertainment. ( )

picoChip announced a partnership with Korea Telecom to develop WiBro/WiMAX access points, or femtocells, to extend WiBro service into residential and corporate environments without requiring UMA-enabled handsets. ( ) ( )

Microsoft and Nortel announced a four-year strategic alliance named the Innovative Communications Alliance that would link their respective software and communications technologies into a unified communications platform. The companies will form joint teams to collaborate on product development and will cross-license intellectual property. ( ) ( )

Narad Networks has announced a switch product line capable of delivering dedicated, 100 Mbps service simultaneously to every home on a cable operator's network. They also announced the granting of two U.S. patents covering switched Ethernet over HFC. ( )

ntl:Telewest announced that it will offer free TV to any new fixed-line phone customer. The company also announced that it is launching its ‘quad-play’ package of TV, broadband, fixed line and mobile phone services. Both offers will be launched this quarter. The company indicates that the free TV service will be "superior to Freeview, enabling all subscribers access to advanced next generation services like video-on-demand." ( )

SanDisk and Skype jointly announced that Skype software will be pre-loaded on SanDisk's Cruzer Micro and Cruzer Titanium lines of flash memory sticks. Users can then plug the stick into any PC and run Skype software directly off the SanDisk devices. Separately, Skype Technologies announced four Wi-Fi phones from Belkin, Edge-Core, Netgear and SMC which will be loaded with Skype software and enable users to make Skype calls on any Wi-Fi network. ( ) ( )