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The September 9, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Your Voice -- Readers Comments

DLNA Latency Requirements

Ted Archer, one of our subscribers and the Director of Marketing at Coaxsys, wrote to us about DLNA networking latency requirements: "Coaxsys has been selected by the DLNA as the only networking technology that meets their DTCP latency requirements. Even after the DLNA increased its latency threshold from 3ms to 7ms, no other technologies could meet the spec. Comparatively, TVnet/C has a latency of only 1ms, so we are receiving a great deal of interest from DLNA members for the purpose of video distribution in media servers, etc."

We have talked with other coax networking groups about this claim and have been told there are "ways around the problem" but don't have additional details at this time. We'll continue to follow up.

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