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The October 17, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

SmartGrid: The Road to BPL?
Tim Frost of Con Edison & Utility Co-Chair UPLC Tim Frost, director of Corporate Planning of Con Edison & UPLC Utility Co-Chair, has been a continuing proponent of Smart Grid applications
Michael Quinn, TXU Project Manager Michael Quinn, TXU Project Manager, described the joint BPL project with Current Technologies to bring TXU into the top-decile with respect to electric service reliability and deliver on the promise of the Broadband-Centric Smart Grid
"Mutually Assured Destruction" "Mutually Assured Destruction if nothing is done now" was the cliosing slide from Mike Stelts, speaking for the Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance (CEPCA) on the need for coexistence agreements between competing BPL standards.
Ambient overhead equipment Ambient medium-voltage overhead equipment - the node electronics mounted on the pole and the injector connected to the medium voltage wire in the center right.
Ambient underground equipment Ambient equipment mounted on underground transformer case.
Current Technologies underground installation Current Technologies node and couplers on an underground transformer. The node is mounted inside the covered housing; the couplers are the cuffs at the center left.
Current Technologies overhead installation Current Technologies node and coupler on an overhead line. The node is the silver box on the lower right; the coupler is at the center left.
Fiber node on side of pole The Current Technologies Backhaul Point is connected to Duke Energy's fiber through a fiber node.
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Using BPL for Rural Broadband
Brent Zitting and Scott Lee of IBEC Brent Zitting and Scott Lee of IBEC
IBEC's BPL demonstration house IBEC's BPL demonstration house is seven powerline miles from the broadband source
Corinex Powerline Ethernet Adapter Corinex AV200 Powerline Ethernet Adapter is used to connect BPL service to the home network
IBEC equipment in a box mounted to a pole IBEC equipment in a box mounted to a pole - note the Kaikom repeater in the silver box
IBEC couplers IBEC's patented coupler design is based on standard surge arresters. The two outer couplers (to the left and the right in the photo) pick up the signal from one section of the power line and regenerate it for the next section. The second coupler on the right picks up the signal for insertion on the low voltage line to the house.
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.

VON: "V" Is For Video
VON Show in Boston The VON show floor was largely VoIP-related. A small number of video-related booths were set up for one afternoon, just outside the online video sessions.
Jeff Pulver opening VON Boston Jeff Pulver giving the opening talk at VON Boston, dressed in his latest Hawaiian shirt.
Ted Leonsis showed seven virtues of Web 2.0 Ted Leonsis described what he called "the seven virtues of Web 2.0"
Ted Leonsis, vice chairman of AOL Ted Leonsis, vice chariman of AOL, talking about "taking things that you need and enhancing them into things you love".
Brightcove provides tools for broadband channels and syndication Brightcove lets websites and media owners tap their value by creating and serving customized "broadband channels". They have also developed syndication tools for creators and content owners.
Bram Cohen of Bit Torrent Bram Cohen of Bit Torrent talked about its origin and what he plans next
Chris Wagner,  Co-Founder of Neulion with KylinTV settop Chris Wagner, EVP Strategy and Co-Founder of Neulion, holding set top box for KylinTV
Bill Joll, CEO of On2 Technologies Bill Joll, CEO of On2 Technologies, demonstrated the different codec optimizations that are needed for different screen sizes
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.