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The December 13, 2006 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

TelcoTV 2006: Start of the Second Wave
Siemens, Nortel and Motorola booths at TelcoTV The Siemens, Nortel and Motorola booths were among the largest at TelcoTV.
Mike Knoll, Keith Galitz, Kevin McGuire Mike Knoll, Chief Technology Officer, Hancock Telecom; Keith Galitz, President, Canby Telcom; and Kevin McGuire, VP, Business and Technology, NTCA
IneoQuest iVMS IneoQuest's iVMS monitors the video quality in the headend, the core network, the edge network and the home (courtesy IneoQuest website)
Amino set top boxes Amino set top boxes come in many colors
Brian Whitton of Verizon Brian Whitton , Verizon's Executive Director - Access Network Design & Integration, talked about FIOS TV
SES Americom "Headend in a Rack" SES Americom "Headend in a Rack" receives the full IP-PRIME IPTV channel lineup
Mike Hudack of Mike Hudack, CEO of, said that the new model will be "any content to any device."
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.

Ultrawideband and the Unwired Home
Wireless USB "dongle" and hub The first Wireless USB products will be "dongles" that plug into PC USB ports, and wireless USB hubs that let you plug in peripheral devices on the other side of the room.
Staccato's Ripcord UWB Mini Card Staccato's Ripcord UWB Mini Card: WiMedia radio shares the antenna with Bluetooth
Pictures courtesy Staccato Communications

Wireless Video Distribution
Sigma Designs Windeo demo At TelcoTV, Sigma Designs showed a demo of its Windeo UWB chipset for wireless HD video.
Photos ©2006 System Dynamics Inc.