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The February 25, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies Influencing The Broadband Home

People News

Joe Costello, co-founder and board chairman of Orb Networks, has been named CEO. ( )

Albert J. Estrada was named President & CEO of Optical Entertainment Network. ( )

Dr. Sanjay K. Jha has been named COO of Qualcomm and Sprint veteran Len J. Lauer has joined as a corporate EVP and group president for several key divisions. ( )

Brian T. McGee has been named senior VP and CFO of Intellon Corporation. McGee will oversee global financial operations for the rapidly growing semiconductor company. McGee was previously with Lexar Media prior to its acquisition by Micron Technology. ( )

Scott Richardson has been named chief strategy officer for Clearwire Corporation. He was previously VP of Intelís Mobility Group and GM of their Service Provider Business Group where he led Intelís WiMAX initiative. ( )

John Sorensen has been named President, Broadway Systems. Sorensen was previously President of Encoda Systems until its acquisition by Harris Corporation. ( )

Denny Strigl, president of Verizon Wireless, has been named president and COO of Verizon Communications. ( )

David Zabetakis has joined CURRENT as the senior executive in charge of Business Development focused on Smart Grid applications for utilities. ( )

Chris Zanyk has been named as Managing Director, Latin America at Cedar Point Communications. Zanyk was previously with Nortel. ( )

Company News


Anystream, a provider of new media publishing solutions, has acquired Cauldron Solutions, a content management firm, for an undisclosed amount. ( ) ( )

Arris, the broadband network equipment provider has launched a tender offer for digital video technology provider Tandberg TV. The aggregate transaction is valued at about $1.2 billion. ( ) ( )

Broadstream Communications is merging with Auroras Entertainment LLC to form IPTV company Avail Media. The company provides an outsourced digital headend for IPTV services. Avail has signed a contract to offer Intelsatís MPEG-4 content aggregation and delivery service - Intelsat IPTV.( ) ( )

CURRENT announced an expansion of its Smart Grid solution with the acquisition of Kreiss Johnson Technologies (KJT), a developer of analytic software for electric utilities. ( ) ( )

deltathree has bought assets of VoIP service provider Go2Call for $7.8 million in cash and stock. ( ) ( )

Ericsson has acquired Redback Networks for $2.1 billion. ( ) ( )

Macrovision announced that it acquired networking software developer, Mediabolic, Inc., effective January 1, 2007,for $43.5M in cash. ( ) ( )

Motorola is acquiring video hardware and software provider Tut Systems for $39M. ( ) ( )

Vecima Networks, a provider of last mile hardware/software solutions, is acquiring software defined radio company Spectrum Signal Processing for approximately $10 million. ( ) ( )


Aperto Networks, which specializes in WiMAX base stations and subscriber units, has completed a Series E financing round of $19 million. ( )

BPL Global, which focuses on broadband over powerline (BPL) and smart grid technology, closed its Series C financing round with aggregate investments of $26M including $5 million from Morgan Stanley. ( )

Brightcove has raised a round of $60 million in private funding. ( )

Intellon raised $18 million in new equity financing with backing from Samsung Ventures. ( )

Meraki Networks, a wireless mesh startup has raised $5 million in Series A funding. ( )

Narad Networks Inc., a provider of broadband infrastructure products, has secured $10.6 million in Series B funding. ( )

SEQUANS Communications, a supplier and developer of WiMAX semiconductor solutions, has received an investment from Alcatel-Lucent. Terms of the investment agreement were not disclosed. ( ) ( )

Strix Systems, a maker of Wi-Fi equipment, received an undisclosed amount of venture capital from Samsung Ventures America. ( )

Other News

Comcast and Cox Communications announced agreements with Panasonic and Samsung, respectively, to support digital TV sets equipped with the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP). OCAP is standardized middleware designed to enable interactive digital cable services across different set-tops and digital TVs. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

Digeo, a designer of digital set-top boxes and interactive TV software announced plans to go retail. Digeo expects to start shipping products to stores in the second half of this year. The company also plans to license its "Moxi" technology to other consumer electronics manufacturers for greater retail presence. ( )

Qualcomm's MediaFLO mobile TV service has been making headlines. Verizon Wireless announced plans to launch MediaFLO service in the first quarter, AT&T's Cingular announced that MediaFLO service will be added to their service mix late this year and BSkyB announced the successful completion of a second joint technical trial in the UK. In the US, the FCC is allowing Qualcomm to operate MediaFLO on channel 55 in Orlando, saying the interference on channel 56--Ion Media's analog station WOPX(TV)--is acceptable. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

TI has introduced a new cell phone chip which will support 720p high-definition video playback and 3D. The intent is to be able to load content in high definition, and potentially connect it to a projector or large-screen TV via the chip's video output port. ( )

Widevine Technologies has been granted a new US patent for selectively encrypting multimedia content. The company says that the patent covers techniques for securing and delivering multimedia content over cable, telco, satellite, mobile and the Internet using any format, over any video network and to any consumer electronics device. The company has said that it is actively seeking to license these patents. ( )