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June 6, 2007 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

Your Voice -- Readers Comments

One of the great things about writing this newsletter is getting updates from people on what they are currently doing. Recently we heard from Jim Farmery, whom we last saw when visiting Pace in Yorkshire (UK). Now Head of Innovation at Yorkshire Forward, Jim wrote:

"...for the last few years have been working for a UK government organisation looking at ways of getting broadband into places the private sector doesn’t reach – in our case in Yorkshire rural areas and deprived communities. We’ve just invested £4m grant funding into a project with a local council in North Yorkshire that seeks to provide an open platform for service providers to offer products to businesses and households but is underpinned by the public sectors own business revenues – to connect their own offices, schools, tourist centres etc. ... The council has set up a specific business NYNET to run the network and sell capacity to service providers."

Underlying this work is the belief that broadband will help to improve the region's economy. Jim offered the opportunity "to talk further about our plans for Fibre to the Street Cabinet in Sheffield and the rest of South Yorkshire!"

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