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The June 6, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Briefly Noted
New Wi-Fi logo The new Wi-Fi logo for "11n draft" emphasizes back-compatibililty with 802.11a, b and g [Courtesy Wi-Fi Alliance website]
Sandy's electronics This is part of what Sandy carries on the road - not including her PC and pedometer!
Photos ©2007 System Dynamics Inc. except as otherwise credited

The Cable Show '07
The show floor People on the show floor at The Cable Show '07 in Las Vegas
Steve Burke of Comcast Steve Burke, COO of Comcast, speaking at The Cable Show '07 [Courtesy NCTA]
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin Kevin Martin, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, speaks on the state of the industry [Courtesy NCTA]
Dick Parsons of Time Warner Dick Parsons, CEO of Time Warner [Courtesy NCTA]
Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable Glenn Britt, CEO of Time Warner Cable [Courtesy NCTA]
Brian Roberts demonstrating "Wideband" Comcast's CEO Brian Roberts compared "Broadband" and "Wideband" at the NCTA show. [Courtesy NCTA]
TeraPHY wideband receiver BroadLogic's BL12000 TeraPHY wideband receiver can simultaneously tune and demodulate sixteeen 6 MHz channels [Courtesy BroadLogic website]
TeraPIX video processor BroadLogic's BL80000 TeraPIX video processor can convert an entire 80-channel digital cable lineup to analog. [Courtesy BroadLogic website]
BroadLogic applications BroadLogic's chips can be used in many cable applications, both video and data
"Switched Digital Video" T-shirt from 1995 Switched digital video isn't new. Dave still wears a T-shirt from the fifth annual "Switched Digital Video" conference sponsored by Broadband Technologies Inc. in 1995
Bi-directional fiber wavelengths Thomas and Mutalik's slide showing many bi-directional wavelength combinations over a single fiber
Cathy Wilson (center) receiving Vanguard Award Cathy Wilson (center), Founder, President & Publisher of Broadband Library, receiving NCTA's Vanguard Award [Courtesy NCTA]
Photos ©2007 System Dynamics Inc. except as otherwise credited