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The July 29, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

WCA 2007: Beyond Technology
Andrew Kreig, President & CEO of WCA Andrew Kreig, President & CEO of WCA opens the organization's 20th anniversary show
Barry West, CTO, Sprint Nextel Barry West, Sprint Nextel's CTO, focused on the company's planned business model which is based on open access to the Internet, using a device of the customer's choice. (Courtesy WCA)
Samsung WiMAX/WiBro phone and keyboard On a show floor filled with cell site equipment and posters, the Samsung SPH-P9000 phone got Sandy's attention. It looks like a PDA, but its notable feature is its fold-out keyboard. It supports both mobile WiMAX and EV-DO. [Sandy] I had heard an announcement about Samsung's phone with a fold-up keyboard but hadn't seen or held one before. It folds up a bit like a map and was definitely an attention getter in the midst of all those base station booths!
Clearwire's current & planned markets through 2008 Map of Clearwire's current & planned US markets through 2008 shows their goal for having 45 million POPs covered by 12/08.(courtesy Clearwire)
Sources of Clearwire's customers A May 2007 survey indicated that almost 1 in 5 customers are using Clearwire’s service in addition to their existing ISP services (courtesy Clearwire]
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700 MHz: Unrealistic Expectations
Lower 700 MHz Bandplan The Lower 700 MHz Bandplan reassigns TV channels 52 through 59 in five blocks (A through E). A, B and C are 12 MHz (paired 2 x 6 MHz); D and E are unpaired 6 MHz. [from FCC website]
Upper 700 MHz Bandplan (original) The original Upper 700 MHz Bandplan reassigns TV channels 60 through 69. It reserved 24 MHz for Public Safety (only the lower Public Safety band is shown in this FCC drawing) with two paired blocks of commercial spectrum: C is 10 MHz (2 x 5 MHz), D is 20 MHz (2 x 10 MHz). [from FCC website]
Frontline Website shows first reponders Frontline Wireless recommends carving out a 10 MHz nationwide paired block and sharing it with public safety. Their Website includes a quote on how "first responders of today live in a world transformed by the 9/11 attacks."
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has released a draft of the rules which will govern the upcoming 700MHz auction. Those rules should be solidifed shortly.

Broadband Condo Update--We've Got VPN!
Computer desk in our condo The new computer desk in our condo holds a Sony VAIO Media Center PC, flat-screen display, and a color printer
Selecting Remote Desktop in Windows XP Remote Desktop is a standard feature in Windows XP
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