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The December 17, 2007 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

TelcoTV 2007
Motorola high def set-top box with DVR Front and rear views of Motorola's VIP1200 series high definition set top box with DVR, used in AT&T's U-verse service
Alcatel-Lucent's Lisa Ciangiulli, Jay Fausch, and Ather Chaudhry Alcatel-Lucent's Lisa Ciangiulli, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing; Jay Fausch, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing; and Ather Chaudhry, Director of Architecture, IPTV & Network Architecture
Peter Hill, AT&Tís VP of Video and Converged Services Peter Hill, AT&Tís VP of Video and Converged Services, describing work by AT&T Labs on new converged services concepts
Screen shot of AT&T's Family Finder service concept Screen shot of AT&T's Family Finder service concept, which includes the name of the person you are looking for, their location, and the ability to zoom in on that location
Panelists at the TelcoTV  Standards Roundtable Panelists particpating in the TelcoTV 2007 Standards Roundtable included (left to right) Scott Smyers, DLNA; Virginia Williams, CEA; Graham Finnie, moderator (standing); Dan O'Callahan, ATIS; Ghassem Koleyni, ITU-T; Robin Mersh, DSL Forum
Photos ©2007 System Dynamics Inc.

MoCA Technology Conference 2007
Slide from talk by Verizon's Mark Wegleitner This slide from a talk by Verizon CTO and Senior VP-Technology Mark Wegleitner shows how Verizon uses two separate channels of MoCA over the existing coaxial cable
Steve Palm of Broadcom- Steve Palm of Broadcom - now a MoCA promoter member-at the TelcoTV show.
Photos ©2007 System Dynamics Inc. and other sources as credited

Network Problem Solving with HomePlug
Hidden HomePlug adapter n the guest bedroom The HomePlug AV adapter and cable modem are hidden behind the dresser in the guest bedroom
Linksys PLK200 Linksys PLK200 PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit includes two HomePlug AV adapters based on Intellon AV chips [courtesy Linksys website]
PC on computer desk PC on the computer desk in the master bedroom of our new condo. The broadband router, HomePlug AV adapter and PC are behind the cabinet door on the right.
Photos ©2007 System Dynamics Inc. and other sources as credited