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February 25, 2008 Provided by System Dynamics Inc.

CES 2008: "The Next Digital Decade"

Love him or hate him, Bill Gates has had a profound effect on our world. That made his last CES keynote a "must see" at the 2008 CES. Gates talk--focused on "the next digital decade"--provided a fitting umbrella under which to highlight this year's show.

Much of our CES reporting in past years has focused on chip makers--mostly those developing chips to support networked high-definition video. We did talk with many of these chip makers again this year. But with many devices based on their chips now on the market, we devoted much of our attention this year to the devices and their applications.

At the start of the "next digital decade," the worlds of personal computers, consumer electronics, home networking, and broadband and video services all overlap in many ways. All the industry players are jockeying for position. Nobody knows how the game will play out, so each player is leveraging their strengths and introducing products they hope will keep them in the game.

This issue covers the "next digital decade" in three articles:

  • The World After Bill ( ) has highlights from Gates's talk
  • Cable Meets CE ( ): Comcast CEO Brian Roberts on Comcast 3.0
  • Video: Who's In Control? ( ): Other players jockeying for position

We also cover wireless home control in Wireless Home Control Coming of Age: Z-Wave and Zigbee ( ).