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The December 4, 2008 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Heard on the Net

News about People and Companies Influencing The Broadband Home

People News

Vicki Lins has become chief marketing officer at Canoe Ventures. She was previously Comcast Spotlight senior VP of marketing and communications. Also at Canoe, Michael David has been hired as general counsel. He was formerly with CableLabs.

Company News


The Cloud, a U.K.-based Wi-Fi hot spot operator, has closed on a EUR15 million (US $20.6 million) round of financing. ( )

DigitalBridge Communications, a provider of wireless broadband services to rural areas, has secured $16.5 million in new financing. ( )

Digitalsmiths has closed a $12M Series B round. The company is focused on video indexing and analytics. ( )

ExtendMedia, a platform provider for managing, publishing and monetizing video across PCs, televisions and mobile devices, announced a $10 million Series C round of funding. ( )

KickApps,a social media online video provider, announced the closing of $14 million in Series C funding. ( )

Kineto Wireless has raised $15.5 million for continued femtocell technology development and unlicensed mobile access. ( )

Sezmi, which is focused on combining TV content, movies and internet video, has secured $33 million of additional financing. ( )


Amino Communications is acquiring the IPTV set-top box business of Tilgin AB for just over £2.5 million. ( ) ( )

AT&T Mobility has agreed to acquire U.S. Wi-Fi services provider Wayport for approximately $275 million in cash. ( ) ( )

Enablence is acquiring Pannaway Networks, a provider of network access equipment, for approximately $7.5 million in stock. ( )

Other News

Broadband wireless provider Clearwire closed its deal with Sprint Nextel for a $3.2 billion WiMAX venture and quickly changed its brand name from "Xohm" to "Clear". CEO Ben Wolff indicated that he did not rule out using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology if needed. The company plans to begin operating next year in 50 markets where it offers pre-WiMAX connectivity. ( ) ( )

Intel has halted in-house development of ultrawideband (UWB) chips. There was more bad news recently for UWB since WiQuest, a leading chip developer, also shut down. Intel Capital has investments in UWB firms WisAir and Staccato Communications. ( ) ( ) ( )

picoChip has announced three software reference designs that provide the first integrated network listening (or ‘sniffer’) capabilities for femtocells. The PC8210, PC8211 and PC8810 Radio Environment Scanners (RESs) enable femtocells to detect WCDMA, GSM and TD-SCDMA networks respectively. ( )

Skyhook Wireless reported that Qualcomm has acquired a license to incorporate Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System in its gpsOne positioning technology platforms. Skyhook's software consolidates GPS satellites, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi access points to improve positioning accuracy. Skyhook's XPS 2.0 hybrid positioning system is included in the arrangement. ( ) ( )

TiVo has announced a capability allowing subscribers to set up TiVo DVR recordings from any Internet-enabled cell phone. Its new beta mobile site, built in conjunction with Mobui, lets broadband-connected TiVos schedule recordings. TiVo subscribers and non-subscribers can browse, search, and discover television shows, independent of mobile platform, carrier or browser. ( ) ( )


ATIS VueKey Version of "CableCARD"

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) announced that VueKey, a CableCARD-like device to conform with the FCC ban on set-top boxes with integrated security, has been validated by ISSI, the IP-Based Separable Security Incubator. Because VueKey is an enhancement of CableCARD, it is harmonized with, and backwards compatible to, the existing unidirectional CableCard standard.

ISSI members include Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent, CableLabs, CCAD, LLC, Hitachi Telecom (USA), NDS Group plc, LG Electronics, MobileComm USA, Verimatrix, Widevine Technologies, Nagravision SA, and Sony. ( ) ( )