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The March 16, 2009 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

TV Sets Riding "The Internet Avalanche"
Yahoo TV Widgets Yahoo TV Widgets on Samsung TV
Greg Gudorf showed us Moxi retail box Digeo CEO Greg Gudorf showed us the Moxi retail box
ActiveVideo's Jeff Miller Jeff Miller is CEO of ActiveVideo
ActiveVideo demo of HomeDepot ActiveVideo demo of interactive HomeDepot buying application
ActiveVideo demo of Showtime promo ActiveVideo demo of Showtime promo
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

"Connect My Stuff"
Steve Palm of Broadcom (lower right) Steve Palm of Broadcom (lower right) explaining how DLNA and MoCA can provide connectivity between a wide variety of audio and video devices
Matt Theall, HomeGrid Forum Matt Theall is the President of HomeGrid Forum
Oren Mansour and Michael Weissman, Coppergate Coppergate's Oren Mansour (Director Business Development) and Michael Weissman (VP Marketing, North America)
Atheros photo of Dave and Sandy Atheros took a photo of Dave and Sandy at CES
Dave and Sandy on a Mac Atheros photo of Dave and Sandy was transferred to a Mac notebook by "direct connect" Wi-Fi
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Connecting For Health
Meridian Health at CES Meridian Health sponsored the Digital Health Techzone at CES
myHalo installation kit Halo Monitoring CEO Chris Otto showed us the myHalo installation kit
GrandCare Systems GrandCare Systems showed a comprehensive monitoring system to help seniors "Age in Place"
Intel PHS4000 Intel Health Guide PHS4000 and monitoring devices
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Feng Shui and EcoTechnology
Server Feng Shui from Microsoft Microsoft posted signs promoting "Server Feng Shui" in front of the Central Hall at CES
Kooky USB drives Emtec Kooky USB 2.0 flash drives
Asus Bamboo Asus Bamboo claims to be environmentally friendly
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.