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The April 14, 2009 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

Wi-Fi At Our Train Station
Train pulling into Morris Plains station Train pulling into Morris Plains station
Optimum WiFi sign Optimum WiFi sign at the Morris Plains, NJ train station
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Broadband Nation: "Main Street America"
Broadband Nation exhibit area A Broadband Nation water tower marked the entrance to the multi-faceted exhibit
Broadband Horizons Middle School demonstration area In the Broadband Horizons Middle School, demos included an interactive smart whiteboard and a school nurse who consults remotely with a clinic
All-star panel of Roberts, McCaw, Kent, Esser & Kennard A panel on "Agenda for the New Media Era" had an all-star cast of Brian Roberts, Craig McCaw, Jerald Kent, and Pat Esser, moderated by Bill Kennard
Doctors who use GCI Connect MD From Broadband Nation, we had a video conversation with doctors in Anchorage, Alaska who practice telemedicine using GCI's Connect MD service
Medical record including scan images Medical records which are transmitted for remote diagnostics include patient background, scan images and a patient photo so they are a person, not a disembodied image
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Tru2way and EBIF Provide Interactivity
Suburban home entrance at Broadband Nation Suburban home entrance at Broadband Nation
New Tru2way user interface for Cox guide New Tru2way user interface for Cox guide, including personalization
MSO panelists discuss plans for interactivity MSO panelists, including (left to right) Steve Necessary from Cox, Mark Hess from Comcast and Jeff Chen from Bright House, discuss plans for interactivity
Comcast Interactive applications for 2009 Comcast plans a full range of EBIF-based interactive applications in 2009, including games, instant information, interactivity on CNN, QVC and the Weather Channel and more
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Some Tru2way Examples—Seeing is Believing
Mike Malcy of ADB Mike Malcy, ADB's VP, Marketing & Business Affairs, showed us ADB's "set back" box for Sony TVs
David Jacobs of AMDOCS David Jacobs, AMDOCS VP Product Strategy, OSS Division, showed us how cable viewers can self-provision a tru2way service
Dan DeHaan of NDS Dan DeHaan, Principal System Engineer, NDS Americas, demonstrated a unified user interface for broadcast TV, cable channels, VOD, DVR recordings, Internet content, VOD and "over the top" Internet video
Jeff Bonin of Alticast Jeff Bonin, Alticast's VP & GM, showed us new interface concepts
Mark Ho of Integra5 Mark Ho, Integra5 Client Solutions Director, demonstrated their Media Friends chat application
Reginald Patton of itaas Reginald Patton, Quality Assurance Manager, showed us itaas's MPTV social networking application
Sangita Verma, TAB Networks Sangita Verma, TAG Network's CEO/Founder, showed us TAG's game network
Sora Siva of Zodiac Interactive Sora Siva, Senior Project Manager at Zodiac Interactive, demonstrated a variety of tru2way applications, including restaurant and movie searches based on Internat databases
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

EBIF For the Masses
Brian Roberts of Comcast, Dick Green of Cablelabs & Bob Clasen of Starz Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO; Dick Green, Cablelabs CEO; and Bob Clasen, Starz CEO, jointly introduced Starz Enteract, an EBIF-based application
Rebecca Lim of Starz Entertainment Rebecca Lim, Senior Director, Advanced Services, Starz Entertainment, demonstrated "Enteract Now"
Ellen Dudar of BIAP Systems Ellen Dudar, BIAP Systems Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, demonstrated how their EBIF platform allows the rollout of both TV widgets and ad widgets, and walked us through the ad widget product process
Andreas Lennartsson of ActiveVideo Networks Andreas Lennartsson, ActiveVideo Networks Manager, Front End Software, showed us their enhanced EBIF applications coupled with live Internet content
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Cablelabs Central Role
CableNet area at Cable Show The CableNet area at the 2009 Cable Show had a major focus on Interactive Entertainment enabled by tru2way and EBIF
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.