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The December 13, 2009 Issue Provided by System Dynamics Inc.
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Pictures From This Issue

TelcoTV 2009
Rob Riordan, EVP at Nsight (2nd from left) Rob Riordan, EVP & Director of Corp. Dev. at Nsight (2nd from left) with rest of panel on Telco TV's Future. Others from left are Kevin McGuire, NTCA; Rick Vergin, CEO Mosaic Tel.; and Keith Wehmeyer, Gen Mgr IPTV Intel.
Jeff Weber, VP Video Services, AT&T Jeff Weber, VP Video Services, AT&T, talking about the importance of great TV
"Any video any device" at RGB The "any video any device" message at RGB's booth
"Watch your TV Anywhere" from Echostar The Echostar message: "Watch your TV Anywhere"
Title screen for "Avatar" Title screen for "Avatar" by James Cameron
Laurie Gonzalez of Broadband Forum Laurie Gonzalez, Marketing Director, Broadband Forum standing in front of a very large sign showing the logos of the Forum's members
Haggai Barel, CEO Orca Interactive Haggai Barel, CEO Orca Interactive, explaining content discovery with Orca's Compass guide
Orca Compass VOD recommendations Orca Compass offers "blended" VOD recommendations -- these are from friends
Amino's new IPTV settop Amino's newest settop, powered by Intel's new Atom media processor, can mix and match video from many sources, including Internet "over the top" video
Photos ©2009 System Dynamics Inc.

Connected Health 2009
Joe Kvedar's views on stages of connected health Joseph Kvedar, MD, Director of the Center for Connected Health at Partners Healthcare, presented his views on the stages of connected health
Continua's Version 1 standards Continua's "Version One Device Connectivity Standards" are based on ISO/IEEE 11073 over USB or Bluetooth